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The Palace of Auburn Hills

Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA

The Palace of Auburn Hills - Auburn Hills, MI - LED lighting source

The Palace of Auburn Hills continues a legacy of innovation with
Musco’s lighting solution

Few NBA franchises can boast such a strong commitment to excellence as the Detroit Pistons. The Pistons
are no strangers to superior championship performances, especially at its home arena. This 21,000-seat arena now features Musco’s innovative LED lighting solution, creating an aesthetically pleasing environment for players and fans.

With Musco, the global innovator in sports lighting and a pioneer in LED solutions, the Palace of Auburn Hills had found a partner that prioritizes customer needs, and provides cost-effective, trouble-free lighting systems.

The new system features Musco’s advanced optic design for a better playing experience for athletes and viewing experience for spectators and fans watching at home. The system’s instant on/off/dimming capabilities allow for special effects and further abilities to reduce energy consumption. The system will provide superior broadcast quality lighting, and improve playability with a substantial reduction in glare, all the while maximizing energy savings.

Through it all, the Palace of Auburn Hills will also reduce energy consumption by 77 percent and eliminate maintenance costs over the next decade.

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“We are pleased to utilize Musco’s customized lighting system at The Palace of Auburn Hills. Musco’s system helps reduce our energy consumption and, at the same time, delivers a memorable fan experience when viewing event action at the arena and from home.”

— Mario Etemad
Executive Vice President
Palace Sports & Entertainment

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